Reservation conditions

As a result of the size of our camping site, there are sufficient lots vacant daily (especially around the middle of week), which are available without previous reservation.

When reserving a camping lot the following reservation conditions apply.

Campers have no right to a particular lot. Lot allocation is the sole discretion of the camping site management. We shall, however, endeavour to comply with your wishes.

A camping lot reservation will be held open until 6 p.m. on the expected day of arrival. Should we not hear from you by the time, we shall be freed of any obligation.

To reserve a lot on a day of arrival between the 15th July and the 15th August you are required to transfer to use free of all charges:
€ 290,-- deposit
€ 10,-- registration fee
€ 300,-- total
Please use the most inexpensive method of transfer, such as international postal order, cash or to our account with Volksbank Feldkirchen.

IBAN: AT794213030000150109

  • Attention
    A camping lot reservation is only a binding, if the deposit and the reservation fee are paid in advance. The paying-in chit or a copy of the payment and the reservation confirmation serve as proof of a correct reservation, and you will receive no further notification from us.
  • The prepaid deposit will, of course, be fully credited to your camping site account. In case of premature departure the deposit will not be refunded.
  • The reservation fee will not be credited to your camping account or refunded.

When the day of arrival is the month of May, June or September deposits and reservation fees are not necessary.

A cancellation of your reservation is possible up to 30 days before the date of the period reserved. We will, of course, in this case refund your deposit of € 290,-.

Our camping site is open from 28th April till 1st October.